I’ve Been Published

Did you ever dream of getting published in a magazine as a kid? I’m not sure I thought about magazines, but I do remember wanting to be the one interviewing the one getting published, or just noticed somehow for their achievements. I am definitely not in a position to interview rising stars yet, but I am in a position to get myself published and interviewed. What a crazy turn of events!
In my journey as an artist I have taken the plunge and joined a coaching group, gone live, ventured to retreats with strangers, and have been pleasantly surprised with all that has come from each step I took.
I started, well sort of, interviewing other artists while on my lives as they taught me how to canvas paint. I finally starting listening to my business coach, Dionne Woods of The Turquoise Iris and have made big leaps in my own business, I’ve meet so many amazing and creative people at all the retreats and become friends with a handful of them.
It’s amazing what can happen if you just do things scared. If you set up small goals that can eventually get you to create bigger goals. Through this process I have even created my website twice, and finally got an iPhone. That last one is funny, I know. But for me, that was a big plunge. For me, it means I am getting more serious about what I produce out there in the internet world that points back to me.
With all those steps taken it has given me such beautiful opportunities to say yes to! I am now a curator for The Turquoise Iris Journal and was interviewed on the Paint Talks podcast with Dionne Woods. These are huge goals that I didn’t even really plan on achieving. I just decided I wanted more out of this business and I wanted to do it along side some of my amazing “internet” friends I met along the way.
When passions are somewhat organized and encouraged by other creatives, dreams really can become reality. So take this insight to help you know that, stepping out in faith, believing in yourself, and surrounding your mind, business, and self with incredibly encouraging and like-minded individuals can get you where you’ve always wanted to be!

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