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Unleash your inner artist and ignite your passion for creativity with our one-of-a-kind mobile workshops. Immerse yourself in a world where self-expression meets sophistication as we bring all the necessary supplies to your chosen location.
Leave the mess behind as we ensure a seamless cleanup process, allowing you to focus solely on the joy of creating. Explore the experience of furniture painting, canvas painting, or creating mixed media.
Whether you choose to host or attend, we are excited to connect. Thank you for choosing Restyled Lemons to be part of your artistic journey.
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Let's revamp your clothing style and create unique spaces in your home with playful and encouraging decor for creative kids & teens!

Clothing, Furniture, Wall Decor, and much more to come!

Meet Laura Louise

Hi Y'all, I am Laura Louise, a furniture artist, canvas painter, mixed media creator, and workshop teacher located in Austin, TX and I love to paint. In my work I love blending colors to create a unique finish and a one-of-a-kind art piece. I use professional paint and art tools. I taught for over 20 years and truly love teaching others, no matter the age. I am truly grateful to be able to combine my love and talent for all types of art and teaching through my online and in person workshops, it brings such JOY! I am currently creating furniture & art decor pieces for kids' & teens. One of my lifelong passions has always been letting others know that they matter and are created for a purpose. You will find encouraging and inspiring messages in my artwork & furniture. I do hope you will feel the love I have for your kiddos through my 'heart art.' If I am not painting you will find me just loving on my family, backpacking, walking, spending time with Jesus, good friends, or helping my husband reach his dreams too!  My ultimate goal is to bring Joy and positive encouragement into your life through my furniture and canvas art. And to encourage you to pick up a paint brush too & just try something new.

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